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This plugin adds to the game a variety of NPC bosses with different abilities and a very adaptable configuration


Using this plugin you can add NPC bosses to any point on the map. You can set up any ability with the plugin configuration. If it is necessary, you can add multiple abilities to one boss.
Abilities are divided into two categories, ones take place in a certain radius from the NPC, and others are triggered by damaging from an NPC.
The map also displays the location of the actual bosses (their name and amount of health).
You can give any clothes and weapons for NPCs using the configuration.

Custom Map

Maps that have a configuration for the appearance of boss on their custom monuments
You can also download all these files for all maps here
All files for custom maps are stored in the folder oxide/data/BossMonster/CustomMap. You don't have to delete files from there, the plugin will understand by itself which map is currently installed on the server and will download only the necessary file if there is one in this folder. The plugin will tell you about this process in the console during the plugin loading. It will write in the console what file works on the current map, and what ones don’t work

If you want to create a custom place for the boss to appear on your custom map or on a map that is not in this list, you have to create the ID of this custom map. After that you need to place an item such as a RAND Switch on your map. It must be placed randomly, where it will not be visible to other players. You will get the identifier, if you add up the three coordinates of the position of this object from RustEdit (x, y and z) and write the resulting value in the parameter of your file (an example file can be taken from ready-made files) - ID

As an example, let's take the coordinates (26.896, -456.158, 527.258), then our identifier is 26.896 - 456.158 + 527.258 = 97.996

Then you need to indicate a list of bosses that will appear on your map. You need to copy the configuration data block for each boss. In the database parameters you will specify the name of the boss and a list of positions where it can appear
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  1. 2.1.0

    Update for the new version of NpcSpawn - 2.5.4

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