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 Defendable Homes 1.1.3

Plugin name: DefendableHomes.cs
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Defend your home.. well.. defend what's left of it! Welcome to an epic new event where the players will defend their bases against waves of Frankenraiders! They will use any weapons they have available to try to raid your base. Some will come with whatever they can swing at you and your base, some will just try to defend their kin, some have found some heavy weaponry too! I think that one has a rocket launcher?!

To launch the event first you must find a flare bright enough to attract their attention. You'll be able to find flares bright enough to attract an Easy Frankenraid in Bradley, Elite, Military, and Supply crates. When you've found a flare just toss it on or near the base within Tool Cupboard range. Once you successfully defend an Easy Frankenraiding party, you will be rewarded with a flare bright enough for a Medium party. Then upon defending successfully against a Medium raid, well if you really want to risk your wipe being wiped by a full Frankenraider party, then you will have earned a flare bright enough to attract a Hard Frankenraid! When you complete any difficulty level and are able to defend your base, a chinook will be sent to your location with rewards for your service to the island in clearing out the threat!
If your base is destroyed, the event ends, chat notifications are sent, and there you stand in shame. Hopefully you're on a low pop server and not too many people noticed. It's okay champ, happens to the best of us some days! Just keep an eye on the in game UI like the timer and wave information to give yourself the best shot at keeping your base standing!
There are various ways to configure this plugin to customize it for your server, for any level and number of players. The creativity is in your hands with the configuration file as well as your communities wants or needs. The loot table, the flare spawns, the different enemy types and their setups, everything is there for you to customize this if you so choose.
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