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Water Patrol is a plugin that spawns in NPC-controlled RHIBS that patrols the ocean and coastline searching for players. Once engaged, players have the choice to attack them for loot or flee for their lives!

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This plugin will spawn RHIBs with NPCs on your server that will patrol the water and chase any players that they notice

The player has the option of escaping the raiding patrol, or they can instead fight the NPCs and if successful and victorious, you can take the loot they hold in their boat

Should the player have a beachside base, or decide to hide inside anywhere near the waters edge, the NPCs will not hesitate to pull out their rocket launchers and go to work!

In the configuration for the plugin you can create several patrol presets, each having their own population on the map. Adjust also the amount of NPCs in the boat, their clothing and weapons, all of their parameters for difficulty and challenge, as well as adjust and customize the loot table for each preset

The best map for the plugin to work is a map with a lot of sea. I can recommend the maps of the Mad Mappers team developers:
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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.5

    Update for the new version of NpcSpawn - 2.5.4
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