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This event that takes place in Harbor location


This event begins with a warning in the chat that a ship will soon arrive at Harbor to load valuable cargo.
After the time has elapsed, a ship appears in any of Harbor locations available on the map, into which a crane loads a container.
The loading zone is guarded by a tank and 7 NPCs by default.
The entrance to the container is closed, to open the door, you need to press button in the crane cabin.
Inside the container, by default, there is a CCTV camera, a locked crate, 2 DM, 2 elite and 2 military crates.
The location and loot of all the crates/NPCs can be configured in the configuration, as well as add or remove unnecessary crates/NPCs.
Also, the ship will spawn a standard loot from the ship, i.e. 3 locked crates, etc.
The configuration file also allows you to change the tank and loot in it.
When an event appears, a marker is displayed on the map (configured in the configuration file).
All players who are in the event zone will have a timer with a countdown to the end of the event.
At the end of the event, the ship sails from the island
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    Fixing the plugin after the last update

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