Plugin name: JunkyardEvent.cs
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This event automatically takes place in the Junkyard location if on the map
Finally, the crane in Junkyard will have a true meaning and be fun again!


The event begins with a notification in the chat that soon scavengers will arrive at Junkyard, who will have a rest there. Next, NPCs appear in the location, whose presets you can configure in the plugin configuration. A message appears in the chat that the scavengers hid a signal grenade in one of the broken cars at the landfill to call for supplies. The player needs to kill all the NPCs and find the rusted car in which the grenade is hidden.
In order to find and activate the signal grenade, use a crane to load rusted cars into a shredder for recycling, it's bound to be in one of them! The number of rusted cars in the landfill is regulated by the value in the configuration. The required car is selected at random from the group. The player needs to recycle the rusted cars one by one until he finds the one in which the signal grenade is located in! After the player recycles the broken car, a plane will fly to the Junkyard location, on board of which there will be a truck with supplies. The plane will drop this truck and it will land in Junkyard via parachute. Once it lands, guards will come out of the truck and guard it. But the truck is closed, it cannot be opened. The player needs to kill these guards to get access to the truck. In order for the player to get access to the crates and the loot within, they need to recycle the truck by using the crane and placing it into the shredder! Next, the crates will travel along the conveyor belt of the shredder and the player will be able to open them. You can configure all the crates, their number and the loot in them, all in the plugin configuration.
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