Plugin name: WaterEvent.cs
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A new event includes a lot of game mechanics


The event starts with a warning in the chat: a submarine will soon be passed near the island.
A submarine will appear on the water when the time is up.
There are 4 floors in the submarine. 2 floors are over the water and 2 floors are under the water.
It is possible to get into the submarine on absolutely any transport. There are 4 outside entrances, 4 underwater entrances, and 2 submarine entrances (added in the Underwater Update).
There are about 50 NPCs outside the boat and two upper floors.
There are about 120 crates of items, rooms with blue and red doors, locked crates, recyclers, workbenches in the submarine (it is possible to set up in the configuration).
There are also 4 cameras on the submarine that you can connect to (Submarine1, Submarine2, Submarine3, Submarine4).
The number and location of all NPCs and crates can be changed in the plugin configuration. It is also possible to change the dropdown items in them.
It is necessary to blow up the doors on the submarine with explosives to get to the crates (it is possible to set up the amount of damage to the doors in the configuration).
When an event appears, a marker will display on the map (configurable in the configuration file).
It is possible to set up in the configuration the PVP zone for those who use the TruePVE plugin.
A timer with a countdown to the Event end and the number of crates and NPCs will display for all players in the Event zone.
The conditions for the completing event are the end of the timer or the end of the loot crates.
The submarine will disappear at the end of the event.
It is possible to set up an automatic event appear on the map. All timers can be set up in the configuration.
It is possible to lower the FPS on the server due to the large number of entities during the submarine appearance or the end of the event!
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WaterEvent can not be copied, modified and/or distributed without the express permission of KpucTaJl

Latest updates

  1. 2.1.5

    Обновлен спавн items в lockers
  2. 2.1.4

    - Исправлено взаимодействие с плагином TruePVE
  3. 2.1.3

    - Перед обновлением плагина вам необходимо удалить с сервера старый файл конфигурации плагина...

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