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About Raidable Bases

Create fully automated raidable bases with NPCs in Rust (Requires CopyPaste plugin and does not come with any copypaste files unless you purchase a Tier Package which is sold separately. Tier Packages do not contain the plugin.)

I am fluent in English only and apologize for any bad or incomplete translations. Translations are implemented, and the plugin is available in English and Russian.

Please ask all questions in your native language using simple words in the most literal manner so that I may translate them easier.

This is not your typical plugin. It is extremely complicated and requires a lot of patience and time. You have been warned! Watch a tutorial or buy a Tier Package that you can edit yourself. It is far easier to edit than to start from scratch. My packages contain everything you need to get the plugin working in minutes with all bases and loot already configured for you! Packages are sold separately. Bases are the only unique files in each package.

This is the premium version of Raidable Bases. The key differences between this and the free version are: five (5) difficulties and associated loot table functionality instead of one (1), buyable events, lockouts for players and many more npc options.

RBE DEBUG (this command is your first line of defense!)
  • This command exists to aid with issues regarding your configuration, profiles and/or map by displaying information, both good and bad, related to finding spawn points and spawning of bases. It is your responsibility to use this command before asking for help.
Loot Tables
  • The plugin comes with a basic loot table (Default_Loot.json) that serves as a demonstration that you should eventually delete. You must create your own loot lists in the Base_Loot and Difficulty_Loot folders. This process is very tedious and time consuming. I recommend using the RB Loot Table Editor for this purpose.
  • Use the "rb.populate all" command and edit the files in the newly created Editable_Lists folder. Once you've done this you can copy these files into the Difficulty_Loot folder and rename them appropriately.
  • - If you want to use Editable_Lists/Easy.json for your Easy bases then copy the contents of the file into the Difficulty_Loot/Easy.json file.
  • - If you want to use Editable_Lists/Expert.json for the Expert Bases.json profile, then you must copy the contents of the Expert.json file into the Bases_Loot/Expert Bases.json file
Loot Priority
  • Loot is pulled from the Base_Loot and Difficulty_Loot folders. If you decide to use the Weekday_Loot files then this will be pooled too. Default_Loot is picked last if there are not enough items to spawn. You should delete the Default_Loot file once you have configured the other loot tables. Deleting a file may cause it to be recreated into an empty file. This is okay as it won't be used since it is empty.
  • It is recommended that the Base_Loot folder be used for a few select items that should always spawn, and that the Difficulty_Loot have the majority of loot items which are picked at random.
Loot Settings
  • Always Spawn Base Loot Table (false) - Very useful if you want items in the Base_Loot file to always spawn (such as C4, rockets, ammo, etc).
  • Allow Duplicate Items (false) - Useful when you don't have enough items available in your loot tables, and you want to spawn Amount Of Items To Spawn by using the same items more than once.
  • Amount Of Items To Spawn - This is the number of items that you want to spawn. If you do not have enough items in your loot tables then it will only spawn the amount that you have available. It will not spawn items if the container does not have enough space. This does not reflect the number shown in the in-game UI. The number in the in-game UI is strictly how much loot is required to complete the event. When testing your loot tables you should read the server console messages to determine if the accurate amount of loot is spawning or not.
  • Empty All Containers Before Spawning Loot (true) - If using third-party copypaste files then you should enable this option to avoid those files spawning any loot from the copypaste file.
  • Divide Loot Into All Containers (true) - Easily divides loot randomly into containers within the base. This includes large boxes, smal boxes, wooden barrels, and coffins. It optionally includes (in order of priority) cupboard, bbq, oven/furnace, fridge and lockers.
  • Allow Players To Pickup Deployables (false) - As name implies, overridden by Entities Not Allowed To Be Picked Up
  • Allow Players To Deploy A Cupboard (true) - Block players from placing a TC after destroying the TC in the base.
  • Drop Container Loot X Seconds After It Is Looted (false) - Prevent players from cherry picking items and leaving the rest, in order to despawn the raid quicker.
  • Drop Container Loot Applies Only To Boxes And Cupboards (true) - As name implies
  • Ignore Containers That Spawn With Loot Already (false) - Useful if you want specific loot to spawn from a copypaste file. It's not recommended to use static loot. Static loot is boring and predictable for players.
  • Skip Treasure Loot And Use Loot In Base Only (false) - Useful if you want all loot to spawn from a copypaste file - not recommended - will allow players to memorize which boxes to raid and ignore the rest.
  • Require Cupboard Access To Loot (false) - Prevent all players from looting until they reach the TC, or destroy it.

This plugin creates it's own spawn points automatically, which cover the entirety of your server's map after the plugin is loaded. The grid maintains itself without requiring any input.

You may view the grid by typing /rb grid in-game to view detailed drawings of all locations on the grid.

X - green - possible spawn point

X - Red - currently in use

C - Cyan - construction detected nearby

TC - yellow - TC detected nearby

W - blue - water depth is too high - refreshes on ocean level change

Each location on the grid is checked a second time before spawning a base to insure it does not spawn the base on players or their buildings. You can disable using the grid by providing a valid spawn file for each raid type (buyable, maintained, scheduled and manual).
raidablebases.allow - Allows player to use the available ADMIN commands. This is NOT recommended as players can use the commands 'buyraid' and 'rb' already.

raidablebases.canbypass permission (or to be flying) to bypass dome restrictions (this previously worked for admins, but now requires the permission instead)

raidablebases.blockbypass permission to bypass Owning More Than One Raid settings for Clans/Friends/Teams

raidablebases.mapteleport - Teleporting to map marker now simply requires this permission and to be enabled in config

raidablebases.ddraw - allows support for FauxAdmin users

raidablebases.config allows use of the rb.config command in-game (server console does not require this permission)

raidablebases.banned bans the user from entering any raids - DO NOT GIVE THIS TO THE DEFAULT GROUP LOL

raidablebases.durabilitybypass to bypass `Block Plugins Which Prevent Item Durability Loss`

raidablebases.notitle permission to exclude users from ranked title rewards

See other permissions using Permissions Manager or such plugin

Players do not require any permissions by default.

Latest updates

  1. 2.8.5

    Fix for Rust update (requires Rust update to compile) Fixed default loadouts for npcs Fixed UI...
  2. 2.8.4

    Fixed rock obstruction check breaking custom spawns
  3. 2.8.3

    Fixed visual bug for position of dome Fixed eco raiding with bows using fire arrows Fixed npcs...

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